Szidónia Kastélyszálloda
H-9451 Röjtökmuzsaj, Röjtöki Street 37
Telefon: 06 99 544 810
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Our hotel is located on a hidden, quiet place, it can be accessed by car on the motorway M1 and main road 85, from Balaton on the main road 84, from Vienna on A2 and A3  motorway and from Sopron (20 kilometers) on main road 85. The nearest railway station is located in Fertőszentmiklós (6 kilometers), with direct connections to Budapest, Vienna and Sopron. International airports in the vicinity are Vienna-Schwechat (70 kilometer) or Pozsony-Bratislava (90 kilometer).

Arrive by plane?

The airport began operations in Fertőszentmiklós in 1997 and has been since that time available for international use, being located only 10 minutes drive from our Castle Hotel. Tell us the date of arrival and we will provide free transportation from the airport to Meidl Castle Hotel.

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