Dragon trail

Dragon trail

In the past, the man tried to observe natural phenomena and adapt to them. There was no doubt that the detection of the signs of diseases prompted him to seek some healing places. Before they permanently settled, people examined whether the selected site does not have pathological effects.

Paths of natural forces in the Hotel Castle Szidónia

In the past, the man tried to observe natural phenomena and adapt to them. There was no doubt that the detection of the signs of diseases prompted him to seek some medicinal plants and healing places. Before they permanently settled, people carefully examined whether the selected site does not have pathological effects

What is the dragon's path?

According to Chinese myths the gracious, wise dragon goes after "Meridians of Mother Earth", it means the "Dragon Trail" (lung mei). According to the regulation of the Emperor it was forbidden to ordinary people to build objects on the energy channels of the Earth, because it was not appropriate "to cross the road" of the Earth, in order to avoid its anger. In fact, no dragon is moving on this "paths", but energy. Only certain buildings can be built on these paths, pagodas and temples, and even only if they are established at certain points. The system of rules and philosophy of energy arrangement in the space originates from Mesopotamia and was taken up in India as Vastu Purusha and in China as Feng Shui, nowadays this concept is enjoying a renaissance and is increasingly popular in the West - its principles are in many ways completely consistent with the Hungarian folk tradition.

Our ancestors in the footsteps of the Dragon path

The Hun leader Atilla always instructed his shamans to determine place where his tent will be built. Shamans and other healers who have been in close contact with nature, sensitively observed invisible energy lines of the Earth. Places with extraordinary energy in the past were searched for by "wise men" or "visionaries" with a wand. The Holy Emperor Ladislav - according to the legend, he flicked his wand and brought about a squirt of spring (in fact he rather found it with wand in his hand).

The mutual influence of human power and energy of the Earth

The Earth has an iron core, which flies in the molten rock. This gives rise to electromagnetic core; its field lines penetrate the earth's surface as of lines. People and Planet Earth are in a mutual interaction, which means that if one spends some time at a certain place, this place has an impact on him/her. Some places have a pathological effect, they significantly deplete energy, and we feel tired, distracted and try to escape from there. Other places are filled with energy and make us feel good. Everyone will feel it immediately, instinctively and, after a short training one can learn to consciously feel the different energies. Man and Earth are surrounded by electromagnetic fields, aura. Our diseases and even mental disorders are reflected in the aura - as it would be body - in the form of cold points, cracks and stains. There are special meridians on the human body, which can exert therapeutic effects of pressure (acupressure), heating (moxa), or injecting needles (acupuncture).

The tradition of dragon stones and healing places in Hungary

Even in Hungary, different traditions are coupled with "magical places". In many cases, there are monuments of pre-Christian times. To date, "holy wells", "pagan stones", or "witch rocks" can be found on the maps. These include for example the stone more Szentbékálla, the Attila Hill Tápiószentmárton, Hegyestű Hill in the mountainous area of Lake Balaton, Dobogókő and many places in Pilis Mountains. All these places are located on the "dragon trail." The miraculous healing effects of Marian pilgrimage sites and temples (e.g. Hideglelőskereszt in Pilis), are - in addition to beliefs - associated with the harmonizing force of energy at these sites. During the construction of many old churches knowledge of the old ages was still in use: the places for temples were determined on the lines of energy and healing places, so that the altar was placed at a crucial point, as the Chinese people did. The Abbey Church in Tihany was e.g. built on such a place.

Energy points and living nature

How can we find these places? The plants disclose much about it. Where plants can not thrive, even people have bad conditions there. Locations should be avoided where tree trunks have disfigured knots. On those places where lush vegetation grows, people are also healthy. Man has always observed these signals when choosing his/her residences. Many reveals the behavior of animals: the presence of songbirds and healthy wildlife is a good sign. Trees for decades or even centuries are growing on the same place, they are very reliable indicators of energy operating at the site. Healthy trees are growing in a circle, seemingly as if they would protect something, tend to become in many cases "sacred places", energy points. Our ancestors called them "witch circles" and the Celts, who honored these large trees immensely, used to have ceremonies on those places. The Chinese believe that dragons are coming to the surfaces in these circles.

The philosophy of wellness and the Szidónia circle

After entering the Castle Hotel you will immediately find yourself in a special energy field, as if it were beyond space and time. Exactly between gate and entrance to the Castle the "Dragon Trail" stretches in the north-south direction. To the right of the entrance a conspicuous circle of trees is on the line and the church is located to the right. The uncomfortable "Earth radiation" for people in the form of a Hartmann zones occurs in very rare form of spatial networks in the Castle Park. This also contributes to the extremely relaxing, "enchanted" nature of the site.

Lifestyle of the twenty first century affects our energy field in many ways. Environmental pollution, alienation of man, traffic congestions and a feeling of helplessness destroy our aura every day. The extremely relaxing atmosphere of the Castle and wellness can "obliterate" the broken energy fields in combination with the special energy field in the Castle Park. A half an hour to one hour stay in the embrace of trees growing in circle helps us to recover, relax and get energy. The beneficial effect and peace of mind is worth to be maintained at home, because remember the time spent in the Castle Park in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everyday has a calming effect itself.